A New Type of Fan

Paul F. McDonald has a new post up at Star Wars Heresies you should check out. Another great read, but toward the end he makes the wise plea that it’s finally time for a new type of Star Wars fan as we go forward toward Episode VII.

“If we are to have a new kind of Star Wars, we need a new kind of fan. One that can let go, embrace change, and simply enjoy themselves, as opposed to one that clings to the past, fears every change, and turns the entire event into a stress-filled anxiety attack. I could go William Shatner here and talk about “Getting a Life,” but I won’t.”

I’ve always avoided using the “get a life” snark because far too many people use it to mean, “Get MY life. Stop acting like you and start acting better, like me.” In this context, however, I think the message is more “let’s remember this is supposed to be fun, mm-kay?”

Paul churns out books by day and brilliant insight like this article in his spare time. I hate him.

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One Response to A New Type of Fan

  1. Paul F. MCDonald says:

    Thank you, sir! And again, I’m hardly the only person in fandom to call for a new kind of fan. It is a new day, though, that does require a new attitude.