The Good Fight

Adam has done such an outstanding job on his essay, “The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth about Star Wars,” refuting many of the attacks and misconceptions about the 1-3 trilogy that I thought I’d give a bump to parts one and two of my look at The Phantom Menace. I will be posting part three at some point… hopefully before Episode VII comes out!

Part One: The Origins of Evil
Part Two: Death and Taxes

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6 Responses to The Good Fight

  1. Oh yeah, these were classics.

    I feel very humbled by all the praise my post has been getting, especially since I owe everything to people like you, and Lazypadawan, and Paul McDonald for helping me rediscover my pro-prequel voice. I mean, yes, all my thoughts came from me, but it was all of you who helped me find the right words.

    • A New Hope says:

      Very kind, sir. Don’t worry, you’ll hate me some day. I piss off everyone, eventually.

      • Sifo-Dyas says:

        Where do you post? I never see you on or anywhere else I go.?

        • A New Hope says:

          I haven’t posted over there in a while. I’ve forgotten my password and avatar! When I get a new one, I’ll let you know. To be honest, I’m reluctant to even start because I’ve got many things in life to do, including a bathroom to renovate.

  2. Sifo-Dyas says:

    I would love to hear you start including Lucas’s philanthropy as specially recently with him donating the WHOLE 4 Billion to charity.

    This year has pleasantly surprised me two times and given me given me real hope. The first was when people heard of Lucas donating that land he owned to low income housing and the 2nd was when they found out he was donating the 4 Billion.

    Even the worst hateboys were turning around 190 degrees in their comments about him. A healthy dose of reality and how lucas is still the adult in the room donating his time to more important issues is always good.

    It humbles them, even if it only lasts for a short time.