What 4 Billion Buys

Apparently, it will buy a brighter future in many, many children’s lives. George Lucas is donating ALL the money from Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney to education. For many kids, it will mean an improvement in their lives, the possibility of higher wages throughout their lifetimes and the opportunity to contribute positively to society. Oh, and that’s on top of Lucas’ pledge in 2010 to give away the majority of his wealth to charity.

If only a fraction of that money could be set aside to educate hateboys that their efforts to paint Lucas as a greedy, evil man was a colossal waste of time. Some f**ing people…

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9 Responses to What 4 Billion Buys

  1. EmSeeSquared says:

    my sentiments exactly. i mean, with all the “moneygrubbing” smack people give him all the time, i’m always like “yea, remember when Empire came out and Lucas handed out over a million dollars in bonuses to his employees? no, of course you don’t.”

  2. Buick Runner says:

    I have seen some hateboys saying Lucas is only doing it to brainwash children, just shows how pathetic some of these hateboys are making up such inane garbage.

    • A New Hope says:

      Seriously??? Okay, the joy of running this site is getting to say things like “these guys are fucking asshats” without getting banned. A guy gives away 4 billion dollars and that’s the best they can do? What bitter fucking wastes of space they’ve become.

  3. “If only a fraction of that money could be set aside to educate hateboys that their efforts to paint Lucas as a greedy, evil man was a colossal waste of time. Some f**ing peopleā€¦”

    Ha, I see what you did there :)

  4. The mind boggles how people can be so gullible.

    I mean I’m probably too trusting for my own good, but still.

  5. Kitster's Shoe says:

    What a sellout. . . right? >_>

  6. David MG says:

    I knew that would be the response, at the very least the money would be an attempt to make him look like like a nice guy.

    With yet another “10 things we WANT…” being blasted over Virgin Media’s web site today I must admit to having had my fill of it, and have to admit that having gone on about this relentlessly for thirteen years, they have a victory of sorts – in as much as I have not seen one positive report on this, one decent retrospective on what George Lucas achieved *. Its like a family of young brats fighting over who gets what now the ‘old man has gone’.
    Their response I’m sure would be ‘well how do you think we felt all these years being – ahem – abused?

    Well if they get their everyday ‘dark’ films, they will have their revenge I suppose.

    I’m an older fan, I was 11 when I saw A.N.H, and I suppose the world has changed vastly – and if an error was made making those films it was not changing to meet it. Of course I’m glad that didnt happen – you have to be a child to enjoy pod racing, or someone older who sees the reference to making custom carts in your backyard. This ‘in between’ generation of cynical, stoner nerds I just dont get. They seam unable to celebrate anything good in the world.

    * Actually Kenny Baker on the BBC gave a nice interview, but challenged on wether the new films were any good was only diplomatic. I thought – ‘go on Kenny – what have you got to loose – he was pretty good to you…’ But no. .”Well, I have made many films…” Just another job.

    • A New Hope says:

      We’re the same age, David, which goes to prove that it’s not all the older fans who are the problem. As you say, it’s the brats — and brats can come in any age.

  7. lazypadawan says:

    I’ve noticed the press had hardly mentioned that little twist to the story.