Didn’t we just leave this party?

LazyPadawan at SWPAS makes a salient point that needs to be shouted from the mountaintops NOW and repeated over and over during the next three years leading up to Episode VII:

” But already I am seeing hateboy nation making the same mistake it made 15 or so years ago, coming up with long lists of expectations and demands.

It is and always has been the #1 reason why hateboys have a vendetta against the prequels: George Lucas made the movies HE always intended to make, not the ones the hateboys had fantasized about in their basement bedrooms.

And thus it begins anew.

Look, anticipation, speculation and discussion is at the core of Star Wars fandom. We LOVE to endlessly discuss every detail of this saga. Where the line gets crossed is when fans start saying, “The new film NEEDS to be ________” or “It HAS to have ________” or “They better NOT do ________.”

Fans, especially hateboys, need to be slapped over and over again and scolded, “You DESERVE nothing! You get to DEMAND nothing! You get to see the movie and like it or not, that’s IT! Let the artists do their job and you go write your fan fiction.” One of the best ingredients in the Star Wars formula is its unexpectedness. It’s Lucas’ style to throw curveballs that defy expectations. Every film and every release offers “A few new surprises.” (And why those who claim to love Star Wars so passionately still don’t get that is one of fandom’s biggest mysteries). That’s what I LOVED about the prequels: they weren’t what I was expecting — and accepting that made me very happy.

It’s fun to speculate. It’s fun to imagine. We will certainly do some of that here. But unless you’re actually working on the film, you’re a passenger on the ride. Strap in, sit back and see where they take you.

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7 Responses to Didn’t we just leave this party?

  1. Omar says:

    It’s fun to speculate. And it’s also fun to get something you never expected. That’s why I don’t even bother with expectations or demands.

  2. lazypadawan says:

    Thanks again for the shout out!

    Speculating is fine but I always used speculation as a guessing game (I was spoiler-free throughout the prequel era). Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re not. Then there are things that you think wouldn’t work or believe “would never happen” and it turns out it worked just fine.

    • A New Hope says:

      I’ve been spoiled silly ever since Empire. In fact, I remember my friends and I devouring any new news about “Star Wars II” like starving orphanage children. When we finally got the novelization, we each read it in one sitting and were all either disappointed or freaked out. “There’s a muppet in it?” “Wait, how can Vader be Luke’s father. Ben couldn’t lie.” “There’s no ending?” The story was just so different from “Star Wars” that to our pre-teen minds it just all seemed so… wrong. Then we saw the movie and we freaked out because, like you say, it all worked. That’s probably the moment I became destined to love the prequels. I’ve mentioned before that there were a lot of people back in the day who thought TESB was a lesser sequel. “The walker battle and asteroids are cool, but it’s no Star Wars” seemed to be the general consensus. “Lucas is only about selling toys” or “The original had a good story and this one doesn’t” — all the same crap. So, yeah, things turn out fine. I’ll be spoiled silly on EpVII too. It’s my nature. Be forewarned, LP, in a couple years you may want to visit this site with your eyes shut!

  3. “Basement bedrooms.” Ha-ha. Guess I should write about this. I can’t believe I finished and FedExed my book three days before this happened.

    • A New Hope says:

      Hey, congrats on finishing! That’s awesome. Yeah, get writing on your site. We all want your 2 cents.

  4. David MG says:

    I just ran an interesting thought experiment.
    Suppose there had been along gap after A New Hope, and after years of having the ‘what happened next?’ being filled in with plenty of E.U. fodder, it was announced that Disney were going to make a sequel. How do you think the following films would have fared?

    Well, the dark ending of E.S.B would have been unlikely, but after years of speculation on the mysterious Jedi, the muppet Yoda I think would be the first eeek moment. It was at the time, especially since the voice definately had a Kermit quality – not so far far away. On the whole, it probably would have been as well received as it was – different times and all that.

    R.O.T.J however would have been the end, no doubt. Cutsey bears and a dancing singing finale? Thats what everyone would have feared – and are fearing.

    So there is the possibility that despite some changes, there will just simply be more Star Wars films – the silly and the sublime draped in a state of the art F.X wash. I think some of the haters are going to be a bit bemused by that really, when they realise that Star Wars and Disney were pretty much bedfellows all along –

    B.T.W Joss Whedon already had a go at making a sci-fi movie based around a literally gun slinging smart talking ‘space cowboy’ – taking out the puppets and corn – and it didnt work, so I’m not sure why his name keeps coming up….

    • Kitster's Shoe says:

      I don’t know about it not working. I really liked Firefly and Serenity. They were no Star Wars, but I had good fun with them.

      Having said that, I still don’t think Whedon would be that great of a pick for SW. :P