Going Strong!

There are two amazing things about this article from McClatchy, It’s Going to be a Lucasfilm Fall.

First, it’s amazing that we’re getting some awesome Star Wars and Indiana Jones entertainment this fall. We have the four Indy movies in theaters and on Blu-Ray, Clone Wars season five rolling out, and “Star Wars Reads” week at libraries across the country. The girls and I went to a Star Wars library event a couple of weeks ago and we all had a blast! Star Wars just keeps going strong year after year!

Judge me by my t-shirt, you should.

Second, its amazing (and much appreciated!) that article writer Tish Wells showed that an article about Star Wars and Lucas can be written free from snark, snipes and sarcasm. Geek Media take note: it’s not that effin’ hard.

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12 Responses to Going Strong!

  1. Omar says:

    A Star Wars article with no negativity. Am I dreaming?

    • A New Hope says:

      I know, right? It’s sad that now I see a headline like “It’s going to be a Lucasfilm fall” and I immediately feel dread about what’s going to be inside. “How is the writer going to work in a pun about how Star Wars has ‘fallen’,” “Where is the ‘everyone knows this sucks’ smugness going to appear?” Hopefully soon it won’t be a shock when writers just talk about Star Wars without framing every topic in hateboy memes. Could the tide be finally turning?

  2. lazypadawan says:


    A number of bookstores are also doing Star Wars Reads Day.

  3. Adam D. Bram says:

    This made my day, oddly enough.

  4. Sifo-Dyas says:

    This is the basic standard that should be held whenever SW in reported on. Just the facts with no bias. SW record speaks for itself.


    I couldn’t help but notice she is saying all 4 indy films are back in theaters (I wish!) there is only the first one that was re-released and only to imax screens. Unless someone knows something I dont…

  5. Sifo-Dyas says:

    On i see, its AMC theaters. Ok then.

  6. What a minute? There’s a SW Reads Day?! I work in a library and didn’t know this? WTF?

    P.S. I’ve gotta get a SW event together for my library like I did at Borders.

  7. PrinceOfNaboo says:

    Don’t know where to put it, but I just read Huffington Post’s (Mike Ryan again) interview with Tartakovsky (original Clone Wars) and was amazed at how desperately Ryan tries to get Tartakowsky to bash Lucas.
    It’s downright embarrassing.

    Luckily, Tartakowsky resists.

  8. Boba's Vette says:

    Off topic, but I found this article.


    Maybe if the hateboys with jobs could just let it go, Star Wars wouldn’t have so much negativity attached to it. I don’t think they realize they are the ones who are the bringing down the franchise with these whiney and lazy random articles.

    He says here :
    “In a clever “Back to the Future” parody segment from this year’s annual Simpsons Halloween special, Bart travels back in time to 1974, which he describes as an era “before everyone was mad at George Lucas.”

    Indeed, in this polarized, divided nation, there’s one thing upon which the vast majority of Americans and, indeed, the citizens of the world, can unanimously agree.

    The “Star Wars” prequels were all kinds of awful.”


    I don’t have the numbers, but with the continued success of the franchise even now, I’m convinced that the majority of people like all of Star Wars. But to these folks, maybe if they say it enough, people will really think it. And this is the number one thing that gets me. But I think the real reason for this lazy article is attention. Write an article about Star Wars, people will check it out. Write a negative article about Star Wars and A LOT of people will check it out.

    I didn’t see the new Simpson’s cartoon, but maybe they should have gone back to 1992, when people actually liked The Simpsons. That’s another guy that pisses me off. I used to like the Simpsons too, but Groening’s “humor” on the prequels makes it hard. Maybe they’ll ask Matt Groening to direct the Series Finale of The Clone Wars alongside Simon Pegg with Chris Gore hosting the Red Carpet.

  9. Martin Hay says:

    Just a quick note to say that I’ve only just discovered your site and I’m loving it going through your posts! It’s good to see that I’m not alone in loving ALL of Star Wars and in celebrating rather than mourning the differences between the prequels and the classic trilogy.

    P.S. When can we expect part 3 of your piece on The Phantom Menace?

    • A New Hope says:

      Thanks, Martin! I’ve got part 3 mostly written in draft form, but I’ve been too busy with life to finish it up. I’ll have to put the burners to it.