Gored to death

Someone help me out here. Is the Chris Gore who interviews George Lucas in this clip on the official site the same Chris Gore from Film Threat who wrote this Gary Kurtz interview from March 2000 and this Special Edition review?

If so, I gotta ask Lucasfilm how badly does one need to shit on Lucas and his films before they’re granted an exclusive interview with the man? What’s the deal?

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  1. Nicholas (Darth Bizarro) says:

    Honestly, as far as negative reviews go, he doesn’t seem all that bad. He’s expressing an opinion that I disagree with to an extent, yes, but he hardly seems like he’s trolling people hateboy style.

    That being said, he probably got the job because he’s a correspondent for Attack of the Show, and I have my doubts that Lucasfilm sit there and sifts through the entire writing career of every journalist who comes their way to make sure that they’ve only ever said nice things about them. If they did, then I think I personally would find that a little discouraging.

    Lucas isn’t completely above criticism, as long as that criticism isn’t taken to an extreme.

  2. Adam says:

    Right you are, this Chris Gore are indeed one and the same. Do a quick google search with images and you’ll realize, no matter what he tries to do with his hair, it is him unmistakingly. Such a sick-o-fantic kiss-ass! Zero credibility with me as well as zero integrity for himself. If I was at Celebration, I would be hard-pressed not to tell him what a piece of crap his website and now defunct magazine amounted to. Oh yeah…I read his little dinky micro-sized mag (no kidding-it was like reading a tiny manga book that probably reflected the size of his journalistic integrity) back in the day and he’s no different than the Mark Altman’s of the “elitest” Sci Fi media that whore themselves out for their :15 mins of percieved legitamacy.

    Here’s a thought-Mr. Gore should take the moment to give back some heart-felt gratitude to the person who’s given him such an opportunity to waste so much ink and the paper to print his trash on.

    Speaking of Celebration, I was unavailable to attend for “work” related reasons, but I have tuned in when and where I could. I would very much like to hear a run-down of the Prequel panel and I am totally stoked that I’ll get the opportunity to catch Ep II in 3D next year and Ep III shortly thereafter. Less of an opportunity to miss them as I’m not necessarily in a country with 3D movie theaters from one year to the next. I missed out on alot of great theatrical experiences this year, good to know I won’t be missing STAR WARS next year.

    A final thought…there has been an obvious and palpatable backlash against George Lucas that has become more and more vitriolic in the last two years or so with the Clone Wars, Blu-Ray’s, and now 3D. Everytime Lucas announces something new, whether it be “Detours” or an Attack of the Clones release date, the floodgates open and the mindless hordes wimper on and on about something they have no desire to take part of. The question I ask myself is “why”? Why does George do this to himself. It is no wonder to me why he’s retired and “done” with STAR WARS. The internet would have you believe the “masses” want nothing more to do with it and give him endless grief about it by attacking him on every professional and personal level. There wouldn’t be a need for a websites such as this (good & cathartic as they are) if this wasn’t the case. Personally, I hurt for the guy and his family.

    Then I think about it deeper. This isn’t about George…it’s about us, the fans. At least it is to him. You know the fans I’m talking about, and I think George does too. He’s still one, if not the greatest “story-teller” of my generation that hasn’t forgotten about his audience and, despite how many times, how many different ways he’s thrown under the bus, he hasn’t abandoned us.

    I was at a Celebration once, it was C3 in Indianapolis/ Colt Stadium and George Lucas (at that time) made his first, if not one of the first, rare appearances at an actual convention. I was in attendance at the 2nd Q & A when he talked about the fan community being like family. Sometimes they fight, and sometimes they’ll disagree. Sometimes they don’t get along, yet at the end of the day, they are still family.

    George has never abandoned his “family”. To me, he’ll be the kindly old grand-dad, telling stories for us “kids” who’ll sit still long enough to listen.

  3. lazypadawan says:

    Yes, yes it is.

    As I put in a friends-only post on my LiveJournal:

    “In another episode of ‘How Typical,’ I come across this bit of awful news on the starwars.com splash page:

    ‘Can’t make it to Orlando for the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy? StarWars.com has you covered! Follow along with live photo-streams, videos, blogs and more. Today, Chris Gore and Ashley Eckstein take you behind the scenes as Celebration VI gets underway.’

    Really???? Chris ‘I Only Rank Second To Mark Altman As The World’s Biggest Basher/Hateboy’ Gore? This Chris Gore?

    I hadn’t heard much about the Comic Con ‘Oh You Sexy Geek’ panel until matril brought up some untoward comments made by Chris Gore, who showed up at the panel 40 minutes late. He greeted the panelists and the crowd with, ‘I want to put my penis into all of these women!’ And then when some feminist bloggers called him on it, he and some of his pals decided to respond with juvenile comments such as, ‘If you’re so easily offended, you shouldn’t be there.’

    When I saw that, I was a whole lot less sad about missing Celebration VI.

    It seems to me the key to Star Wars fandom’s inner circle is trash Lucas and his movies not called ANH or TESB (original versions, natch). Unless you’re David Prowse. For some reason he’s the exception. But I’m not upset with Gore even though I find him repugnant for many reasons. It goes to show you that like Simon Pegg, he’ll be the big brave guy unafraid to call out that disgusting dictator Lucas for destroying Star Wars and angering his loyal fans as long as he’s playing to Hateboy Nation but will rush to hop on the Evil Empire’s bus should it pull up in front him.

    Again, it’s Lucasfilm that’s the problem. This tells me it’s more committed than ever to make Star Wars the sole property of Geek Culture and what matters is being part of the right geek cliques.

    • A New Hope says:

      Well, I can’t wait for Celebration VII and the “How awesome is Star Wars” panel hosted by Michael Kaminski and Mike Stoklasa!

      The geek media cabal crap needs to end.

  4. Sifo-Dyas says:

    This bothered me too. I have actually seen chris gore make prequel bashes on g4 tv, wait for laughter and NOT GET ANY. He even got a boo or two. he then shruged his shoulders tilted his head and went “well…ya know…” and then nothing. he then promtly changed the subject. It was one of those things where you are amazed at what you just cought on live tv.

    Another words this guy has actually fought against whole audiences worth of people who did not share/understand any of the prequel bias!

    I liked all the coverage on the celebration but i hated seeing chris gore. Weasels like him should not even be welcome in the building when SW events are being held.